Missing Photos Game

Missing Photos Missing Photos. Photographs taken at the place of the crime scene are always were important things. The police always take numerous pictures at the place after the crime is done because that way they could always return to the setting of things as it was after the crime and compare their new evidences with the caught situation.

Detective Owens is working on a case about a missing girl. The lived in the Heneesi district and her disappearance attracted a lot of attention in the public. Since it is about a disappearing, or potential kidnapping, the police could not detect a possible crime scene in this case but the detective managed to do quite a lot by photographing the potential kidnappers of the girl. On those pictures he had captured them seducing another girl, an act that could lead the authorities in a positive direction but the thing is that Owens has actually lost his camera! The detective could not even imagine how that happened. He also thinks that maybe someone took it but there are no evidences about that so the police are now at a blind spot since there weren’t any other evidences about the case.

The brave detective will be very helpful if we could help him find the camera because only that way it would be possible to bring an action against suspects and possibly solve the whole case about the girl before they seduce even more victims. Let’s act serious, like real professionals, and solve this case as fast as we can.

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