The Lost Documents Game

The Lost Documents The Lost Documents. The job of the lawyers is really responsible. They always act so self-assured, like they know everything and they are capable of doing miracles but they have to be cautious a lot because someone’s destiny lies in their hands. In the following game we have one very responsible lawyer, that is for sure, but like all of us, he also could have a bad day. Today he has one really important hearing in the courtroom but the thing is that he has lost his documents!

That is a huge catastrophe since he was quite sure that he could win the case because he was so well prepared and now this?! His client depends on him but also his job depends on this. If he doesn’t have those documents his client will lose the case for sure and the information that he is not as responsible as a lawyer will spread very, very fast so no one would like to hire him again. That’s why this lawyer doesn’t have a minute to lose so he starts looking for the lost documents all over his apartment. The game takes place in different locations in the lawyer’s apartment so you should both look for the things that are missing there.

The Lost Documents is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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