Find the Difference Game

Find the DifferenceThe perfect find the differences game free to play with more than 5000 wonderful and interesting levels. Challenge your observation skills. Different levels – from very easy to almost impossible! Search and just spot the difference! It’s easier than hidden object games with the same beauty as hidden object games! Do you have sharp eyes? Spot the Differences is just the game for you right now! It’s easier than a logic puzzle like other find the hidden object games. Search and just spot the difference! It’s easy and simple. The more you search and find the difference, the more you will be addicting this differences game. – FREE TO PLAY! Play spot the difference anytime and anywhere on your device for FREE.

Find the Difference Game Features:

BEAUTIFUL IMAGES: You will find plenty of different high-quality images in this game that will make finding the difference more enjoyable. SIMPLE RULE AND GAMEPLAY: Find 5 differences between two similar pictures and tap on the spots to mark them. You can use a hint to see where there is a difference in the pictures. NO TIME LIMIT: There is no time limit! You can take your time to find each difference. The number of differences in each level is 5 and you will have to find them! HOURS OF FUN: With over 5000+ levels to play we provide you with hours of entertainment and a fun gaming experience. SOLUTION INCLUDED: We integrated the solution of each level, in case it can not be solved! DIFFERENT DIFFICULTIES: We have different difficulties so kids or adults can start playing and enjoying the most addictive compare images game ever!

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