The Secret Residence Game

The Secret Residence The Secret Residence. The married couple Adams is never bored. They are type of persons that always like to see and do something new, and they could never be happy if they stay on a same place for a longer period of time. Every free weekend and every holiday is a new adventure for those two since they always choose some exotic or not so known destination, learning something new. They usually choose to travel by their car because who knows, there could be some other interesting place on their way to the chosen destination and they don’t want to miss anything.

This morning the couple was driving through the forests of the west coast when they had a small accident and their appeared some defect on their vehicle. The Adams decided that it would be best if they continue walking and look for some help from the local citizens. They got deep into the forest when they say one wonderful luxury house. The Adams couple was very surprised when they realized that in this house lived the young princess Helen and this house is actually her secret residence. Helen was really surprised when she from this unexpected visit so she offered herself to help the young married couple. The Adams’ were really happy because for the first time in their life they have a chance to be that close to the princess and see where she lives.

They also have a unique chance to make a tour through her home and see how a royal residence looks like. It seems that the Adams looking for an adventure found out another unexpected adventure that also made their day.

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