Forgotten Property Game

Forgotten PropertyForgotten Property Game: Are you curious about learning stuff related to the past of your ancestors? Yes, most of us are directed more in the future, but sometimes our past is necessary for better understanding of our present. And makes us more prepared to predict or face with our future. Getting to know something more about our past makes us richer. And it is also true when it comes to visiting the places where our ancestors lived.

In this game: Thomas, together with his daughter Betty and his son Charles, arrives at the forgotten property that belonged to Thomas’s father, Joseph. Thomas always wanted to take his children to the place of his origin, to see the places where their ancestors lived many years ago. Actually, it is about a small coastal village and Thomas’s father’s property is located next to the lighthouse. Now they are all here, at the place of the Forgotten Property. So it is time to start exploring the grandfather’s property, but also to feel the spirit of this beautiful village. We could also see what is hiding this amazing place and enjoy its unusual beauties. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Forgotten Property Game.

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