The Mysterious Airport Game

The Mysterious AirportThe Mysterious Airport Game: Roll up your sleeves and prepare to solve a true airplane mystery. It’s hard to grasp that a plane could go missing nowadays with all the technology we have at our disposal. Still, we witness plane mysteries and disappearances. Today we are investigating what happened to a lost plane and its crew and passengers. One week ago, a plane disappeared from the radar, and until today there is no sign of it. The pilot Amy, her friend Tyler and the photographer Janet boarded on another plane to look for the lost plane which carried their friends and colleagues along with five other passengers.

What might have happened? Nobody knows, and officials at the airport say they can’t figure out why the plane has gone missing and what happened to the people on board. Today in The Mysterious Airport Game, they arrived at one of the most mysterious airports in the world. It’s very strange that the airplane leaved no trace at all. This is the reason why Amy suspects that the plane landed right on this airport and that the pilot and the passengers were captured. Airport officials laugh off this theory, but should they? You can play The Mysterious Airport game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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