The Master of Riddles Game

The Master of RiddlesThe Master of Riddles Game: When one goes on an adventure, problems and situations are surely about to come. No matter how well one will plan, there will be an inevitable problem. Because travelling means spontaneous action and situations that no one can prevent. No matter how experienced you may be, there will always be something that one can miss. Or there will be a person or something that will come on board to destroy your direction, your choice. But, maybe that is the whole point – to search for the answers and finding the clues of situations.

Our player adventurer arrives on Captain Jack’s ship. He wants to explore and to see if you can find worthy objects, but the spirit of Captain Jack has stopped him. This ghost is the master of riddles. Jack poses few riddles to our player who must solve them if he wants to leave the place freely from here. On the contrary, he will be cursed forever and he will have to live on this ship and he will have to serve Captain Jack. Now, it’s up to you weather you will help this guy fight the bad spirits. Enjoy and have fun in playing The Master of Riddles Game.

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