Team Clean Game

Team CleanTeam Clean Game: For some women and ladies and grandmothers the hygiene of the home is very important thing. They take it as such a imperative and make it more or less a constitution. And they usually tend to judge people especially other ladies that are not so fond of cleaning as they are not house wives as the definition seeks that. And they don’t understand that it is just a different point of view and that what is important for one lady is not important for another.

Maybe someone else simply wants to spend more time having fun, with children, friends, grandchildren. Some people love to spend Sundays somewhere outside hanging around with friends. Others love to spend that spare time cleaning the house.

Carolyn is a grandmother. She wants to learn her children and nephews what does it mean to live in a clean environment. Hygiene, for her goes on the first place, on the piedestal. Once a month she organizes family cleaning of the home where they live. She calls it Team clean. And now the cleaning can begin! So enjoy and have fun in playing Team Clean Game.

Play Team Clean Game