Sunday Cleaning Game

Sunday Cleaning Sunday Cleaning. Being a housewife is definitely not the easiest job in the world. For some people staying at home all the time and taking care only for the house, seems very easy, comparing them with those people who go at work and take care of the homes as well. But sometimes people ask more from the housewives. Often it is expected from a housewife to keep the house always in a perfect order, without taking care of the other needs of that person. And when the housewife chooses to spend the day somewhere out of the house without preparing the lunch or leaving the kitchen in a mess, some of the members of the family may choose to judge her because she has left them ‘hungry’…

Wilma is a housewife that uses every Sunday to finish her home responsibilities. She likes everything to be clean and tidy so she makes something like a general cleaning, making sure everything is in a perfect order. Today is also Sunday and Wilma is having full hands of work. Maybe she maintains her home clean but when it is Sunday, appear so many things that need to be completed and were left during the week. Since she usually does this by herself, let’s help her this time to clean the house and to put in order all the objects that were thrown all through the house. This housewife will be very helpful because that way she will have some time for herself as well, not just for cleaning.

Play Sunday Cleaning Game