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Summer CleaningSummer Cleaning. We all love everything in our homes to be in perfect order but sometimes we simply don’t have time to keep all things tide up. The modern living is giving us so many responsibilities, usually we stay late at work and when we came back home, all we need is rest while around us there is a house that needs to be cleaned, a meal that has to be prepared, maybe children that look for attention…

Selecting what is most important at the moment sometimes makes a mess out of our lives or at least of our house because usually ‘that small corner with little bit more dust is something that can’t be seen at first sight’ and taking care for the kids is quite more important… Those are some of the excuses we give ourselves when our home becomes untidy and there is nothing wrong in it, it’s just life…of course, if we live like that occasionally, not every day.

Diane for example works very hard. She loves her job but that job is quite responsible, she is quite busy and her job doesn’t give her much time for her own, sometimes there isn’t even much time for housework and the family. However, she has to adapt herself to the real situation so that’s why she usually chooses days off as free time for cleaning at home. Today she has that day off, and since she is not going to work today she decided to use that time to tidy up the home and do something useful. Perhaps most of us relate the summer with vacations and relaxing but Diane simply can’t afford that at the moment, not now when her house is completely messed up and she is aware that won’t be any work less when she comes back at work.

Summer Cleaning is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.