Friendly Cleaning Game

Friendly Cleaning Friendly Cleaning. Ralph and Ruth lived in the periphery for a certain period of time. The life there had its benefits like the fresh air and the fact that there wasn’t too much noise but also there are other things that are very important for this young married couple… Namely, Ralph and Ruth decided to move into a bigger apartment in the center of the city. The old apartment was nice but there wasn’t enough space for them and since they are a young coupe, their family could become bigger very soon.

Ralph and Ruth are very happy that they have finally managed to get a bigger place to live but also they appreciate very much that it is located near to the places where they worked. This was they don’t waste too much time traveling to work, they shouldn’t wake up very early in the morning and what is most important, they would have more time for themselves. This apartment was offering everything they need so they didn’t think a lot before they decided to buy it because the apartment and the location were simply the right choice.

Now this young couple likes to move into the apartment as soon as possible. They have ideas how they would decorate the place and everything but before that, it is time for the great cleaning. This asks for a lot of time and that’s why they have decided to call their close friends to help them clean the place and prepare it for moving.

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