Shopping and Fun Game

Shopping and FunShopping and Fun Game: What is the best way to spend the weekend, according to you? You like to stay home and relax, to be active somewhere in nature. Or maybe you like visiting new exotic places, places you have never visited before? All those variants are good, as long as you are with your friends. The three friends Cheryl, Hannah, and Ann are planning what to do this weekend in Shopping and Fun Game. They decided to go to Cheryl’s house which is located near one small and beautiful lake. They hardly wait to visit that place, but before they leave, they will have to prepare for the weekend.

The house is rather far from civilization, so they have to obtain enough groceries for three days. One part of the preparation for the weekend is buying those groceries. Let’s make a company for the girls and help them buy whatever they need. Make sure that we don’t forget anything because three days in that kind of surroundings, is not little. Let’s don’t miss anything, so Cheryl, Hannah, and Ann can have a great weekend in nature. You can play Shopping and Fun Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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