Secret Small Island Game

Secret small islandSecret small island Game: Meet Diane and Walter, a young adventurous couple, always ready for discovering new things and adventures. They love traveling and seeing new things, but not just things they’ve never seen before, they like seeing places that no one has seen before them. They simply love doing this and often explore those places, finding out things that sometimes surprise them a lot.

Today, Diane and Walter have decided to explore one small hidden island that is located in the lake Gleaming. This place is also unknown and it can be hardly noticed, because of its size and position. That’s why the island can be hardly noticed even on the maps. But once Diane and Walter found out about this secret small island, they knew that they have to see it and explore it. The search of the island could start right away, so let’s see together what is hiding in this special place. Maybe this discovery will make the place a new touristic destination. And we are going to be its first visitors, together with Diane and Walter. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Secret Small Island Game.

Play Secret Small Island Game