Saving The Farm Game

Saving The FarmSaving The Farm Game: Nearly everything we eat, wear and use came from a plant or an animal raised on a farm. Noah knows this very well as he comes from a long line of farmers. But, life on the farm is varied and sometimes surprising. A handful of farmers around the world have figured out how to make a white collar salary from their enterprises. In Saving The Farm Game: Ten years ago, Noah took over the farm he grew up on, from his father.

Full of youthful enthusiasm and desire to carry on the family tradition. Noah almost never got the chance to realize that throughout the years the problems have piled up and that he will be facing a huge problem. Generally a buoyant and optimistic farmer, Noah is in the depths of despair. A few single crops have just died in the middle of the season and he is facing a huge monthly payment for a new manure storage system. He decides that it’s time to do something about it to save his farm from collapsing completely. Noah begins to search for the objects that he does not need any more. And that are more likely to damage him than do good. He needs a help from our player to find them in Saving The Farm Game.

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