Quest of the Heart Game

Quest of the Heart Quest of the Heart. Conquering the heart of the one you love is a very serious thing. Besides those butterflies in the stomach, sometimes you have to act responsibly and take huge steps in order to make yourself a better person. That will possibly take you to the one you like but let’s be real, if that person does not sympathize you, generally, we are not sure that any act could help you win her/his heart. As a matter of fact, we simply can’t choose who will we fell in love with.

The following game takes place in the magical land of Nizar. Leotan is the king that rules this land and he has a daughter – the beautiful young girl Fenis. Leotan may be rather tough and serious as king, but when it comes to his daughter, he is very sensitive. Like every father, he loves his daughter very much and he likes only the best for his daughter. This is for everything that happens in her life, including the man she will marry, or at least date.

Valian on the other hand, is a young knight who fell in love in Feris once he saw her. She was the most beautiful girl he has seen in his life, so he would do everything in order to win her heart. That means completing all tasks given by the great king Leotan and the ruller of Nizar does not give easy tasks. If he manages to do that, he will meet king’s daughter which means that every attempt is worth trying.

Quest of the Heart is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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