The Sands of Egypt Game

The Sands of EgyptThe Sands of Egypt Game: Sometimes working together can be difficult for married couples because they spend all the time in the day together. By combining their private and professional life, people open new possibilities for quarrels because it is not possible people to agree on everything. But for some people working together can be really beneficial. Especially if their work is their biggest pleasure which means that two people combine their biggest pleasures and that can result with a great and successful result.

Joan and Patrick are a married couple. Those two are real adventurists that are obsessed by the mysteries of the ancient Egypt. They live and work together but their job is a real pleasure without any unnecessary stress, which means everything is just perfect between them. Now they have a new passion and they are prepared to go together through this new adventure.

According to the texts found back in the 19th century, the well-known Sphinx wasn’t build 5000 years ago. Actually it was restored in that time, but it was built many years ago. Joan and Patrick are convinced that the pyramids were built together with the Sphinx. They actually like to prove that the pyramids are older than it was thought before. That’s why they take their team of scientists and start exploring the structure of the sand on the Sphinx. They like to find out the exact year when this amazing building was made. Let’s be kind and help those two to find out what is actually going on. You can play The Sands of Egypt game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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