Night Traveler Game

Night TravelerNight Traveler Game: Mark has always loved hiking. Whether he climbs alone or in company, it is a pleasure for him like no other. For each next hike, Mark chooses a new destination and he studies it well before he begins to conquer it. The weather conditions and the type of terrain are always well known to him, although he did get into trouble a few times because nature can never be completely predictable. Unfortunately, Mark got caught in a terrible storm this time as well. The storm wasn’t in the forecast, or maybe it was, but Mark didn’t take it seriously. So he got stuck almost at the very top of the mountain.

After the storm began to subside, Mark somehow managed to get down to the first settlement, a mountain village. He arrived in the village late in the evening and is now looking for a way to protect himself from the cold. The night traveler is an inventive person indeed, but in these circumstances, he might need a little help. Let’s see what is happening in the village and if there is a way to help him, to make it easier to cope with the whole situation. You can play Night Traveler game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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