Lovely Estate Game

Lovely EstateLovely Estate Game: Every couple, that has serious intentions, dreams about having their own place. No matter if that place is rented, or their own, the idea of arranging that special place, according to their own needs, taste and habits, makes the two partners happy. It also makes their relationship closer and better, since they make their own shelter, a place where they could spend time together being on their own. Mark and Lisa recently purchased an amazing estate. They are really excited about the new place and they already equipped it with all necessary stuff, needed for living. Now when it’s all done, Mark and Lisa would like to invite their friends and share with them their happiness.

In Lovely Estate Game: Mark and Lisa invited their friends to come and see their new home. Their visit will be interesting, that is for sure but the couple decided to prepare something extra for the day. Namely, they also prepared a little game for the guests. They have hidden some objects that contain lovely memories from the past. That way they will all remember the nice moments that have spent together and have a lot of fun, building new wonderful memories. Enjoy and have fun in playing Lovely Estate Game.

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