Lost Sailors Game

Lost SailorsLost Sailors Game: Grace and Alen are sailors with a great experience behind them. They have sailed through many seas and seen many things. They know how to deal with all the different weather conditions and all the marine calamities they may face… But today, the two of them, together with their group of sailors, are fighting in the middle of the ocean, due to a huge storm. This storm surprised them a lot, and they went off the course, so now they arrived at an unknown location.

At the moment, the group of sailors doesn’t have a clue where they are, or how to come back home. In this difficult situation, the sailors are lost in the middle of nowhere and need help. Let’s see what is going on there, and try to find a way to save Grace, Alen, and their group of sailors. Facing those not common conditions can be difficult and very tricky. But we have to do our best, to help the sailors find their way out. Let’s see what is going on at this place. We will do our best, to bring the sailors back on the right track. You can play Lost Sailors game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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