Contact Lost Game

Contact LostContact Lost Game: Thomas has a very interesting hobby. He is so passionate about fishing and he loves to spend his free time somewhere in nature where there is water. This time Thomas went fishing together with a group of friends. They went few days ago but when they were fishing, Thomas left the group, hopping that he will find a proper place to set his fishing rods. That is the biggest challenge when it comes to fishing- to find the perfect spot where there is plenty of fish.

However, at the end of the day, Thomas has lost every contact with the other members of the group. He stays lost in the wild and he doesn’t have a clue what to do about it. Where should he go next, having in mind that it is becoming darker? Let’s help Thomas find his way through the wild, before it becomes too late. Maybe his friends are looking for him too, so let’s do our best to help them. Also we will enjoy the beautiful nature, the place for fishing, but also the wild nature which could be also amazing, as long as it is safe. Let’s do our best! You can play Contact Lost game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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