In the Middle of Nowhere

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Game Details

In the Middle of NowhereIn the Middle of Nowhere. Hm, speedboats are something that is a sign of a prestige in today’s life, its size grants a bigger status… but let’s don’t enter into those discussions, we are talking about games, don’t we? Taken on other side, speedboats really guarantee comfort in water drive. Just imagine having one that includes enough space so you could feel as you are at home, and you cruise with it on different locations, on different seas, seeing different cultures and circumstances…

Well that’s something that the guys in this game had. Actually they still had it just that something went wrong. A group of people was cruising with their speedboat on an open see for a longer period, waiting for their next destination to be reaches. The boat is quite big and it includes few nice rooms. It was believed that everything was in perfect order because they made a lot of checks before their started the tour but suddenly the speedboat stops in the middle of the sea, in the middle of nowhere! This is one of those situations when people start to panic and they could cause even a bigger trouble by doing that, instead of focusing well, and staring to look for some solution.

Those fellows will need your help too, to help them find something that will be useful for fixing the defect of the speedboat. As fast and calm at the same time, and try to find all wanted things as soon as possible, because the sea could be unpredictable sometimes.

In the Middle of Nowhere is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.