Hidden Stage Game

Hidden StageHidden Stage Game: Steven has been always passionate about theater. That’s why he has spent his professional career working in the old city theater. Now he is a former employee. But while he was still working, he heard a legend about the small hidden stage in the theater. He is still interested about this legend because according to this story, it assumes that this hidden stage hides rare stolen books. Supposedly, these books were stolen from the city library and because they are so rare, their value is huge. We all know that the treasure doesn’t always lay in the expensive objects or jewelry. But sometimes it could be within something like those rare books.

Even if he doesn’t work there anymore, Steven has decided to enter into the theater, to find that hidden staging and look for those rare books. He knows that he could have problems if someone catches him, but at the same time, he knows that he will discover something huge and very important in case he proves that the legend about the hidden stage is true. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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