Green Market Game

Green MarketGreen Market Game: Bringing up food for people is one of the noblest things that one person can give to another. The love that you give to someone with all the colors and tastes that food give you. Later on being prepared by some inspirational chef that is something. You can have the best talents in cooking and preparing something special for your friends and family, but if you don’t have the eye for choosing the ingredients, than you won’t have the perfect meal. Going on a green market is a ritual for every good chef. Choosing the best ingredients for your dish is part of the magic.

And today we are going to think of those people who are selling oranges and vegetables to the citizens of one place. Carol and Kevin are owners of few counters at the Green market. This is just an ordinary working day when they will have to serve more customers possible. And they should achieve it in short time. Our player is here to help him do that. Today you are in the role of a salesman or woman. Good luck and go for it! Enjoy and have fun in playing Green Market Game.

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