Ghost House Game

Ghost House Ghost House. There are numerous stories about houses that were haunted by ghosts. Maybe we were not witnesses of something like that but still, our body chills when we hear those stories or we enter into some houses that looks suspicious, some old and abandoned house. Are you prepared to face some strange sights? The following game will welcome you with a dark and mysterious atmosphere, so dont be surprised if you catch yourself with eyes wide open and hearts ticking faster than ever because the things that you will see are everything but usual. Objects placed on a totally weird place like chainsaw on a roof of a house, then some strange girl playing a flute, the white ghost popping out from time to time, then some corpse bride and a lot of similar sights.

The instructions for playing this game are not hard at all. Get your mouse in your hand, or you may freely use the touchpad for playing. You observe the picture and once you spot something that is given in the list, point on it and choose it by clicking with the mouse or tap on the touchpad of the laptop. To use a hint, you should also do the same, selecting the hint button. Now start and open up all the mysteries that are hidden in that ghost house!

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