The Lonely House Game

The Lonely House The Lonely House. Almost every city has that one particular house… Usually it is located at the end of the city where no one passes often and it’s rather abandoned, as no one lived there for many, many years. Those houses are usually a source of stories and legends and those stories are rather scary… They talk about ghosts and evil spirits, about criminals whose nest is exactly here and so on. All those stories make people to avoid the place and one story makes another story, then other story and so on.

Curtis and Glenda live in a place that also has this kind of a house. It is about a lonely abandoned house located at the end of their city. They, together with their friends, have decided to visit the house and see what is going on there. There is a certain legend about that house that says that there is a secret room in the house that is a hiding place of the most wanted serial killer in the state. Namely, this person is hiding in that place for a while but the police can’t find him.

Curtis and Glenda, together with their friends, like to learn something more about the legend and explore it in details. They plan to enter into the house and check out if there is really a secret room that hides that dangerous criminal. Their mission is quite risky but at the same time it is very challenging.

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