Frozen Valley Game

Frozen ValleyFrozen Valley Game: It is near sunset on a cold winter day, so the light in the forest has a peaceful, soothing blue tint. The woods have beautiful moody vibe, but be careful. You are standing in a frozen forest. Trees around you so tall, they touch the sky. Pure white snowflakes fall all around. Watch where you step or you might easily slip and fall into the abyss. No one ever dares to go to this woods because of the danger that lurks around every step. The terrain is so slippery that is almost impossible not to fall.

Everyone that has been here before slipped down in the abyss and didn’t survived. But, the glaciated forest set the stage for a gemstone quest − to find these rarefied gems that can only be found here. The forest is the final destination for polar gems. Donna, Emily and Carol are three girls selected to find the gemstones and amulets from the Frozen Valley. Hot red rubies, sapphires, topazes and tourmalines are well hidden under the ice. The girls journey through this polar region begins to reveals a richness of gems and minerals that are sure to warm your soul, but it carries a great risk. Enjoy and have fun in playing Frozen Valley Game.

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