Forgotten Items Game

Forgotten ItemsForgotten Items. People move from one place to another during their lives and that is something normal. Maybe at the beginning it could be hard, the process of getting accustomed to the new environment. But after a while some people accept even more the new places. However, usually the places where we lived when we were very young wake up many memories in us. Those are those places where we like to come by, and walk through the neighborhood, even though everything has changed from the time when we lived there.

Donna lived in one place when she was very young. She lived there until her teenage years and after that, together with her family, she moved to another place. They still have the house but no one lives there anymore, so the house is not in the best condition now. One day Donna decides to come to her old house and clean it.

She thinks that it is high time to clean the house but also to put the objects on the place where they belong. While cleaning around the house. Donna finds out objects that have been lost from her teenage years and remembers the moments spent in the house. Let’s take a look around together and sneak into Dona’s memories. All those objects are related to a certain story and something interesting that has happen in her life. Enjoy and have fun in playing Forgotten Items Game.

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