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Caged MemoriesCaged Memories. Do you remember the movies ‘Groundhog’ and ’50 first dates’? The common thing for both main characters is that they suffered from amnesia/memory loss. That is also the case with Florence. No, she didn’t survive a terrible car crush or a trauma of any kind. She just woke up one day remembering nothing about her childhood and previous years, only knowing her name and the name of her hometown. She was under a memory spell. This kind of spell may be used to decrease your general memory, or weaken it, or you may choose to cast the spell on someone else. Memory spells may also be used to forget a specific moment in time, or remember one if you so wish. A warning though, our memories are what make us who we are, they are as much of our future as anything else. By removing memories you remove a world of possibilities.

Caged Memories. This terrible magic that was cast upon Florence erased all memories of not just her marriage, but also her entire relationship with her husband. She was devastated but determined to retrieve her memory. To do that, Florence must return to her hometown and find objects from her childhood that would help her restore memory. A trip to the town where a person is born or just visiting a house they used to live in or simply bumping into old friends can be a walk down memory lane. Usually, doctors recommend such returnings. This trip will be useful for Florence. Anything she finds there might be of good use – combs, dolls, notebooks etc.

Most important of all, Florence must also find the objects which made the spell possible. Some of the objects from her childhood were used to cast the spell that made her suffer from amnesia. Help Florence find all this items so she can continue with her life.