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Easy CleaningEasy Cleaning. Every woman that takes care of her flat or house, no matter if she is working or is a housewife, tends to have a clean home. Some of them are more into it and are getting even crazy if something isn’t quiet right at home, if there is dust, or if the curtains aren’t so aromatic or the glasses not so well washed. Sometimes women exaggerate in those reactions and forget that the house should serve us, and not us to be serving the house. Because it is never clean enough and you can always make it better, but the house will never tell you ‘thank you’ for cleaning me so good! If you are one of those fanatics, than you would know all the detergents, cleaning apparels and the best towels that you should have to make your home glowing.

Or, if you are smart enough, and you can afford it, off course, simply hire a cleaner and you will be very much relaxed. Usually women get crazy and especially nervous when holidays are coming soon and we all want to have our houses in the best light and than, the whole house is turned upside out so when people would come, guests over dinner, would be delighted with the ambiance and the nice atmosphere. Such a hardworking lady is Bertha, who is older and very experienced housewife.

Easy Cleaning. She needs to clean up her house because holidays are already coming and she wants everything to be clean at home and simply perfect. Bertha has called her friend which is our player to help her in the house cleaning, but also to show her few practical advises that are making the house cleaning easier and less nervous. We all need those magical advises so we won’t spend a whole weekend doing only this boring activity. That is especially annoying if you are doing it in spring, when outside is simply calling you.