Doomed Hotel Game

Doomed HotelDoomed Hotel Game: When it comes to holidays, very often we are enchanted by those amazing photos offered on the internet, so we don’t even think about the safety of the place where we stay. Ok, taken in generally, those things are controlled but sometimes, things might go in a wrong direction. Virginia has arrived at the place where her friend disappeared, before exactly one month. Actually she is in the same city, set in the same hotel in the old part of the city. Willing to find out what happened to her friend, Virginia very soon realized that the supposed hotel is not a hotel but an old abandoned house that has been used for attracting foreign tourists. Maybe it was about money, maybe something more complicated but the place definitely is not same as in those pictures.

Worried Virginia likes to find a way how to find out what has happen to her friend. For that purpose, she will start looking for the objects that belonged to her friend. She is prepared to search the whole house and initially to prove that her friend was staying exactly in that hotel. Or let’s be more precise, in that particular house. It seems that this girl will need some help from you so let’s start searching together and perhaps we could find certain traces that could lead us to Virginia’s missing friend. Maybe something terrible happened for her. But also there is a chance that she voluntarily doesn’t like to be found… For now, let’s search and be patient; the rest will come on its own. You can play Doomed Hotel game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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