Desert Queen Game

Desert QueenDesert Queen Game: Usually queens, no matter where they rule, are arrogant, they love to act that they are superior, above all, to control things, to say how something should or not be. There are also kind queens, but those are rare. Now imagine there is a desert queen who loves to control everything around. This lady Ashanti lives in a desert and her great pleasure is to ruin every voyager day. For example, you get to see her face and she tells you a lot of things that you will have to do to continue your way. And is there a voyager that would like to have problems during the trip? No, everyone wants to feel free and have no trouble at all.

Ashanti is a desert queen. She reins the desert and each voyager that passes through it has to bow her and to listen to all of her demands. Our player is an ordinary voyager through the desert. If he wants to get the permit from the desert queen to pass the desert. She will have to fulfill the tasks that Ashanti has given him. Now, it is time to find out what kind of demands Ashanti asks. Weather it is something that you can fulfill and continue the trip. Enjoy and have fun in playing Desert Queen Game.

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