Country Horse Farm Game

Country Horse FarmCountry Horse Farm. A farm is a piece of land that is devoted mainly to agricultural processes with the major aim of producing food and other crops. Besides the food, people breed animals on the farms too and while some farms take care of many different animals, some are specialized into breeding a concrete type of animal, for example a horse farm. Those farm are dedicated especially to horses and they are such an amazing places where you can see so many examples of this wonderful animal.

Tina and Martin are owners of the oldest farm with horses in the state. Their farm is well known as being the oldest one but also it is known as the place that breeds beautiful horses. Tourists and horse admirers come to the farm every day. They come with intention to see the racial horses which are grown on this farm, but also to learn something more about the way of breeding them. Everyone likes to know what should be done in order to grow such a wonderful animal.

Our player will be in a role of Tina and Martin’s assistant. Today is your first day at work and you will welcome a group of tourists for the first time. You will definitely need some help and good concentration to answer the needs and the questions of the coming tourists. Let’s go through this horse adventure together and learn something more about this wonderful animals.

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