Beneath the Stones Game

Beneath the StonesBeneath the Stones Game: A small village, located just outside of town, sits in a valley surrounded by beautiful tall trees. It was abandoned long time ago. At night, cold air blows from the top of the hills and spreads a thin mist over the graves in the valley. Just then, shadows start to jump out of the fog. There are issues with something happening there at night.

For years, no one wanted to spend the night in the cemetery. Until, Diane dared to visit this dark place. She is actually quite fascinated with cemeteries in general. Tonight she is determined to find out what is happening in this mysterious abandoned village. The graveyard is completely empty, no cars, no people, and as far as we can tell, no unhurried dead.

But, people have seen some strange creatures invading the cemetery in the village. A lot of people have died during the years and everyone who ever lived here buried there. Whatever it was, it is covered in dirt and well hidden. It’s extremely dark there in the evening. Help Diane uncover whatever hidden beneath the stones. So enjoy and have fun in playing Beneath the Stones Game.

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