Autumn Afternoon Game

Autumn AfternoonAutumn Afternoon Game: We all have a certain season that is favorite for us. Some of us like the summer most because they enjoy warm weather, sun, beaches and so, while others are more into winter because they love the snow and the fresh air. Also, some of us are more into moderate climate, so they enjoy spring and autumn. However, it seems that the weather is only one aspect of our inclination to certain season. Sometimes we love certain season because it brings us memories about something that has happen during that season like the beginning of the school year, our summer love, going to grandmother’s house in the mountains every winter…

Now meet Linda. She is a girl who loves nature, especially in autumn, which is her favorite season. Linda lives in a big city here the concrete covers the most of her environment which is not that inspiring. However, Linda always manages to find time and visit the local villages for the weekends, which is actually her biggest passion. She simply adores the village idyll, especially in autumn when the autumn colors make real perfection, turning the environment into wonderful golden-yellow landscape. During this season Linda loves walking through the local village patches and explore them

Today, Linda went to a small village nearby, to enjoy the beautiful autumn afternoon. The autumn afternoons are something that the likes most so let’s walk together with her through the local patches and see what makes those autumn afternoons that wonderful. You can play Autumn Afternoon game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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