Zodiac Killer Case

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Zodiac Killer CaseZodiac Killer Case. Don’t get scared at the beginning, when you read the title of this game because we are sure that you have detective potential and you are the right person that will solve this case without any problems. Do you read your horoscope regularly or do you believe in astrology? It sounds strange that it could be really possible all events in life including your behavior to be related to your horoscope sign but there are many things that could be explained exactly by this issue.

For example there are many people that are doubtful all the time and they are all in the sign of Libra. The Leos are real warriors and they like to be dominant in every situation in their life while the Capricorns are usually stubborn and they are very persistent in their intentions If you don’t believe in this, just consider your behavior or the behaviors of your friends and you will see that there is a certain connection.

The game starts by choosing your horoscope sign because we have a killer that makes his list of killings exactly by the horoscope. Like a real detective, you will have to detect the true identity of the killer who is hiding himself but his acts could possibly reveal him. Actually his killings are related to the horoscope signs of the victims so your task will be to detect the horoscope sign of his next victim, before he actually does the murder. Sounds scary but lets try.

Zodiac Killer Case is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.