The Secret Witness Game

The Secret Witness The Secret Witness. Crimes are usually complicated. People scared by the idea to be captured, so they do their best to organize the crime as good as they can. They hide all the evidences and try to escape the punishment. However, the chance of a crime staying without a punishment is rather small. There are trained professionals that always manage to get into the trace of the criminals and bring justice on the best way.

Brian is one of those men that thanks’ to his hard work and intelligence has managed to catch numerous criminals. He is a private detective that always knows how to relate the evidences solve even the most complicated cases. This time Brian is called by Mrs. Elizabeth, a rich noblewoman, who is scared because last night someone has broke into her house and steal the precious objects from her home, including a huge amount of money. She likes to find the person who is responsible for the robbery so she has called the best detective around.

However, it seems that the things are not as they look like at first. Brian is very experienced detective so he firstly starts talking with the local citizens. Soon he realizes that the young boy David who lives in the house across the road is a witness of the whole thing. Brian likes to keep this witness secret because it is about a very young person and something could happen to him if it is revealed that he knows the truth. And the truth is rather unusual and very complicated. Namely, Elizabeth has organized the robbery by her own! Actually she, together with help of her lover, is responsible for the crime that happened in her home! Brian likes to make her confess the crime…

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