Key Witness Game

Key WitnessKey Witness Game: Almost every criminal case involves a key witness, a person who is or is not involved in the case, a person who maybe does not have a clue what has actually happen but the fact that he or she was at the crime scene, in the time when the crime happen, makes him/her a key witness. Yes, the main intention of every criminal is to avoid the chance of having a witness of the crime. But you actually believe that there could be a perfect crime?! No matter what we do, there are always someone’s eyes watching us…

Detective Larry, together with his two assistants Sandra and Amanda, work on a case that it’s about kidnapping. The kidnapped persons are kept in captivity in one house. The kidnappers ask for a huge amount of money for their freedom. The key witness has told Larry, Sandra and Amanda where is the house with the kidnapped people. So they are at the place, hoping that they will find out who stands behind those kidnappings. Let’s help the three detectives find out what is it about, and of course, help them catch the kidnappers and solve the whole case. Enjoy and have fun.

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