The Pet Thief Game

The Pet Thief The Pet Thief. Criminal with animals or smuggling animals across the border is something that may sound little bit strange at first, we usually think ‘who would steal an animal’ since it sounds little bit absurd but it sounds like that only at first! Let’s rethink the things on this way. There are numerous breeds of animals and some of them are really rare so consequently, they cost a lot of money. Trade with animals is actually a whole profession and it asks for a lot of great commitment, like every other profession but it is an unpleasant fact that some people find it easier to steal and earn money by selling stolen items, including animals and this is a serious crime as every other.

The following game treated a similar subject. In one city neighborhood there is a strange thing happening. Many owners of animals complain that their animals are disappearing from day to day. They have been wondering what is going on and since they couldn’t explain those happenings, they report the case to the police. The detective comes at the crime scene, or let’s say the ‘crime neighborhood’ and he starts doing his job right away.

He starts by exploring the homes of the people whose animals are disappeared and he is trying to find certain relation between the happenings. He is collecting important evidences and tries to find the cause and effect relationships between them by comparing the evidences. This will tell him who is actually guilty for those crimes and will make the owner happy, knowing who was that impudent to reach some other man’s property.

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