Silent Remains Game

Silent RemainsSilent Remains Game: Betty, her daughter Emily and paranormal things detective George come in Betty’s old house. This house has been abandoned for long time and no one has visited it in 20 years until this evening when Betty decides that it is about time to find the truth about what really happened in this house. The spirits have actually made her leave the place.

She left it together with their family. But the spirits are still here. Imagine you have your warm home and you are happy in it with your family and someone comes one day and takes all of that away from you. You will surely feel horrible and try to safe everything you can for you and your closest beloved. Now, sometimes a lot of time must pass, but on the other hand, the justice must come day. Now, it is about time to help this lady fight these bad spirits. No one says it is going to be an easy task, but we are sure that you will fight with these bad spirits and bring Betty’s peace again. And not just Betty’s but her whole family, too. So enjoy and have fun in playing Silent Remains Game.

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