Secret Ritual Game

Secret RitualSecret Ritual Game: Well now, prepare yourself for something really creepy. Yes, you will feel chills all through your body. But if you are still here, despite this introduction, then you are prepared to see what will happen… This case is something very mysterious, even for the detective Tyler who actually considers this case as the most mysterious case in his whole career. And yes, we could agree with him that it is about something very strange. Namely, detective Tyler has to detect the reason of the mysterious death of five citizens of one building. Who died in their beds in their apartments, at the same moment, on the same way.

In Secret Ritual Game: There were five different people who committed five same murders on different locations, at the same time? Other way, how is it possible to prepare the timing of five deaths? To make sure that they will happen at the same time? And who is prepared for such an action? Is it about a sect? or something else? Detective Taylor will try to find out what happened in this building and find the persons responsible for this terrible crime. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Secret Ritual Game.

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