Secret Package Game

Secret PackageSecret Package Game: Every murder is a tragedy and it comes hard for the ones that were somehow related to the victim. Also murders are hard cases for the detectives since the murderers usually try their best to hide the murder. Focusing their whole energy on the act of the murder and the victim.

The detective Bruce has solved numerous cases in his career but he admits that the murders are always the hardest. It is especially difficult and also very challenging when it comes about a young and innocent person like miss Marie. The murder of miss Marie is last Bruce’s case. A case that he likes to solve as soon as possible, as always. Bruce arrives at the office where Marie worked, with intention to find every possible trace that could lead to a solution for the whole case. But he is especially looking for the secret package that has arrived that day in her office. No one from her colleagues supposedly has a clue about this package and that’s why Bruce has to find it. He believes that exactly that package could be the main reason for Marie’s murder. Enjoy and have fun in playing Secret Package Game.

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