The Broadway Case Game

The Broadway Case The Broadway Case. Unfortunately days before the premiere a tragedy occurs. The main actor in the play becomes mute and cannot communicate and sing. Everybody is presuming that he has been poisoned by some poisonous substance that was planted in his drink. They believe that someone who wanted to see the show fail. Poured some kind of acid in poisonous level in his drink. Somehow no one noticed anything and the mysterious poisoner leaves no trace behind. The musical crew immediately called the police to find him.

Detectives are already at the scene of the crime. Our player is part of the team of detectives and helps to resolve the case. They are investigating the scene and questioning everybody involved in the musical. The detectives already suspect who might want to hurt the main actor. And do not exclude the possibility to be someone from the inside. The premiere of the musical was delayed in the hope that the actor will recover his voice. This game is one of the hidden clues games at Hidden4Fun.

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