Missing Justice Game

Missing JusticeMissing Justice. Defending an innocent person is as hard as defending a guilty one. Even though most of the evidences could be in his favor, it may happen to be hard to defend him. Sometimes that person simply doesn’t have enough luck and everything points to him, making him guilty even though he is not.

Julie and Kevin are two detectives who are working on a rather delicate case right now. There has been a robbery of a bank and the two of them have been engaged by the family of the person convicted for a bank robbery to prove that this man is actually innocent. That means that real criminals are there on freedom, enjoying the fruits of their crime and something has to be done right away before the life of an innocent person becomes endangered.

The two detectives will not work on this case alone but they are together with their team. They start the investigation and they would like not to miss a single trace and find the persons who stand behind this crime. Let’s help the detectives prove that the convicted person is innocent but also help them find the real suspects and close the case as soon as possible.

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