Late Night Crime Game

Late Night CrimeLate Night Crime Game: Working late at night could be tough, that’s for sure, but some jobs ask for it. The doctors have to be in their working places because accidents happen all the time, even during the night. The bakers prepare the pastries during the night, so we can have them in the morning. Some pharmacists prepare the machines or the ingredients. So the medications can be set on the track in the mornings and so on. The policemen also have to be working during the night. Sometimes having even more responsibilities than during the day because the criminals love to do their job quietly, while everyone sleeps…

In Late Night Crime Game: The two detectives, Paul and Laura, together with their team, are on the streets of their city, until late in the night. The reason for that is the fight between the two largest gangs in the city, that happened late in the night. They are here to find out as much evidence as they can about this fight. And finally, to arrest the members of the notorious gang. Maybe the gangs wanted to stay unnoticed, but our team of professionals is here to bring justice for all. You can play Late Night Crime game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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