Hidden Trace Game

Hidden Trace Hidden Trace Game: The sudden death of the colleague, or more precisely, the murder of the colleague, is probably the most complicated case for every detective. Maybe the murder is not done that perfectly but it is definitely the hardest case since it is about a close person. Let’s see what happen to detective Mark. Detective Mark is exactly on that kind of a mission – murder of his colleague.

His mission in Hidden Trace Game is to find out the traces that lead to the person that has done this murder. Detective Mark arrives in the house of the colleague’s ex-wife. This is the place he has chosen to start the whole investigation. Because he assumes that might be something important there, something that will help him solve the case. His job is to find the traces that seem to be hidden, traces. That might point out and prove who is responsible for the murder. Now we may also help detective Mark in his mission. If we also start looking for the hidden traces that will lead us to a solution for the whole situation. Mark will definitely be very thankful in this situation because this case is very important for him. Enjoy and have fun in playing Hidden Trace Game.

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Play Hidden Trace Game