Gold in the Dust Game

Gold in the DustGold in the Dust Game: Gold has never came out of fashion. No matter the era, the time, gold is always attractive to banks, but to criminals as well. Professional gangs use all kinds of methods to become richer. And off course, National banks of all countries keep the biggest amounts of that country’s heritage. There are special security operations so that this treasure will be safe here forever. But, is it there something absolutely safe? Who knows? If you are dealing with criminal minds that find special not easily to find ways, than you would think much better ways to safe your treasure. And yes, you can guess, today we are offering you a game with this topics, it is time to become a detective.

James is a detective put on a case of the gold reserves missing in the National Bank. For few weeks, huge amount of gold is being stolen from the National Bank and no one really knows who stole it or even where is it hidden. James finds suspicious movements of a group of a people in the abandoned building place which is in the end of the city. Something tells James that the hidden gold might be here somewhere. This experienced detective decides to follow his intuition and to start the investigation from here. Check out if you have a good detective ability to find out where the rabbit lies. You can play Gold in the Dust game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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