Echoes of Crime Game

Echoes of CrimeEchoes of Crime Game: Policewoman Susan and detective Richard have arrived in the apartment where a gang has being situated. This bunch of criminals has robbed the bank and has stolen all the gold reserves that they could find in it. The apartment is on the other side of the bank and from here they can freely plan the robbery. Susan and Richard’s task is to find who stands behind this robbery.

Planning a criminal is not an easy thing at all, they say. Only best criminal minds can think of endlessly perfect plan to achieve something. Rob some bank, some company or destroy some rich men day or week or maybe life. Only the most intriguing and intelligent criminals cam think of perfect criminal action. But, the good detectives actually know how these men and women function. In Echoes of Crime Game we face such detectives. They want to put an end to a big gang who has created trouble to the biggest bank in the town. It is a great challenge for them, and we are absolutely sure that you will love the idea of helping them. So good luck and fight those bad guys in Echoes of Crime Game.

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