The Texas Gang Game

The Texas Gang The Texas Gang. Gangs may be considered as bad in general, often thinking about gangs of criminals that perform different criminal actions but it is not as simple as that. Gangs are groups of people that have gathered together with certain purpose. Madison for example is a member of the famous gang known as the Texas gang. Opposite to all believes, this gang is really positive in its actions. They have one and only aim – to protect the common cowboys that have been exploited by the big businessmen and work for a really small amount of money. Madison is part of this gang and she is really dedicated to this group, being a real human rights activist.

At the moment Madison is in one small city. This city is known by the fact that all people that live there live from digging gold. However, they don’t work alone but they depend on their main gold trader who pays off an extremely small amount of money to the diggers. They are not satisfied by the treatment but they don’t have other source of money, digging gold is something they do their whole life so now they feel completely helpless and confused.

Seeing the whole situation, Madison feels compassion with the diggers, and since she is a member of the famous Texas gang, she will do her best to help those people. She has intention to organize the diggers in a rebellion. She believes that they deserve much more than they are offered and it is time to stop those exploiters once for all.

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