Diamond Hotel Mission Game

Diamond Hotel Mission Diamond Hotel Mission. The humanity has gone off its limits! Of course that there are numerous good people in the world but also there are some that are prepared to do everything in order to get some bigger profits and satisfy some not so decent aims. The unwanted truth says that there are still wars all round the world, like people have not learned yet that the war is not answer to anything and brings only numerous victims and sorrow, but also there are people that like to earn money while all of that happens – the war profiteers.

Faith is a secret agent that is on a undercover mission in the famous Diamond hotel. There is information that the owner of one huge corporation stays there but the more intriguing information that brings her here is that this man is actually prepared to take some immoral actions so he could earn even more money. Supposedly he is engaged with producing microchips, but not any kind of microchips. Faith finds out that he likes to sell certain microchip to people that will use it in military aims!

This sounds scary since no one knows how events could possibly develop so Faith has to stop that immediately. The first step that she needs to take is to sneak into his room and see what is hiding there… Help Faith accomplish this secret mission in the Diamond hotel successfully.

Diamond Hotel Mission is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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