Death in the Clouds Game

Death in the CloudsDeath in the Clouds Game: Death can’t be expected, or predicted, no matter in which circumstances it happens. Sometimes the wish for life is stronger than death, even if everything says that a certain person will die (we are talking about fatal illness or terrible accidents)… Sometimes accidents happen all of a sudden. And a person loses his life, even though everything about him was just perfect…not to mention forceful deaths… The two detectives Ryan and Cynthia arrive at the international airport. The reason for that is that one of the passengers was found dead on his seat, during the flight with an airplane.

Maybe it is still too early to judge for sure. But the experience of our two detectives, makes them suspect that it is about a murder. How can be someone murdered on his seat, during a flight? Yes, that is something that could be hard for explaining but the investigation is about to start, so let’s see what will tell the pieces of evidence. We can also help them by looking for some traces that might reveal the potential murderer. You can play Death in the Clouds game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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